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Metrowest Business Associates is an association of business professionals, consultants, and service providers. Our members are committed to providing high quality, timely, and responsive service to local businesses and individuals.

Each member understands the value of having other trusted resources and service providers to whom he or she may refer clients. An excellent referral source can be a very valuable asset to a client. 

In order to advance our familiarity of related business fields and to expand our network of effective referrals, Metrowest Business Associates was formed. And, we are no ordinary networking group. Our members meet monthly to discuss business issues, current client matters, and other relevant topics. In doing so, we have formed close personal bonds. Often the members serve as an informal Board of Advisors to each other. 

Through this process we have become familiar with our fellow MBA members and their areas of expertise. This has given us a group of business professionals that we can confidently recommend to our clients.

In effect, when a client engages a member of Metrowest Business Associates, that client is also encouraged to utilize the services of the other members of group.

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